Thursday, April 27, 2017

Joana dos Santos − a committed Mother Support Group member reaching out to mothers

Joana is providing counselling to a mother on the importance of breastfeeding.
©UNICEF Timor-Leste/2017/dmonemnasi
It is around mid-day as Joana Carvalho dos Santos (48) reaches Imaculada da Silva’s (30) house. Joana warmly greets her, inviting her into her small house. She could not attend the Mother’s Support Group meeting earlier today as her baby is too little. Imaculada lives with her family in suco (village) Mota Ulun, Liquica.

“This is my third baby. I breastfeed him, but I’m not sure about how often and when I should stop breastfeeding,” Imaculada says to Joana.

Joana physically examines the mother and her baby and provides the necessary guidance. “I didn’t know the importance of exclusive breastfeeding and that my son needs it until he is six months old,” says Imaculada. “I didn’t exclusively breastfeed my two older children. I wish I knew this information before,” Imaculada continues regretfully.